Reuben Kiblitsky
Sharp Augmented Reality
Launched in 2018, Sharp Augmented Reality is an all in one solution for merchants to seamlessly implement 3D and augmented reality experiences to their e-commerce stores.
Version 1: An iOS application allowing users to “try-on” watches through augmented reality - one of the first AR try-on experiences at the time
Version 2: Through user research and data analytics, it was clear many users were viewing the products online but not interacting with them through 3D or augmented reality. With the introduction of a web application and Shopify plug-in, hundreds of devices were now compatible. This saw an increase in user interaction, merchant sign-ups and overall increase in sales.
Merchants were not left in the dark. Through the roll out of an analytic dashboard, merchants were able to view user data such as 3D and augmented reality experience interactions, add to cart conversion and more